Quickly filter topics to read by any combination of Del.icio.us tags.


Compatible design

Deliciourss works on any browser and tablet, and is built with Sencha.com & Google App Engine frameworks. Sencha.com provides a rapid user interface development framework and Google App Engine easily scales computing and storage resources for web applications.


Del.icio.us Integration

Deliciourss leverages Del.icio.us to keep track of bookmarks. Use existing Del.icio.us tools such as Facebook/Twitter integration and browser extensions to track your RSS/Atom feeds and assign relevant tags to each feed.


Crafted with care.

"Deliciourss started as a request from my wife and my desire to learn Python and Google App Engine. Send us your feedback and feature requests."

- Randall Toepfer

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Built with Feedparser, BeautifulSoup, Twitter Bootstrap, Sencha.com, and Google App Engine.
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With Deliciourss, you can easily keep track of your blog and news feeds.

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